Happy Free Pattern Day

I mentioned a free pattern the last time I was here. So I want to bring you a lovely, simple scarf pattern that I hope you will adore as much as I do. The Seedling Scarf uses seed stitch, a quick and easy stitch that works up soft and fast. I work the scarf on […]


The world is a mad place at the moment. Sometimes I just need to put on my headphones and find a distraction. I might cook something, bake, or make something. I could end up gardening or painting, or sewing something new. Sometimes I work jigsaw puzzles or draw or color in my coloring books. These […]

Work, work, work

Feels like I worked as hard over the weekend as I did this past week. I thought you were supposed to rest on weekends? Oh wait, that’s right. I’m launching a business. And I have 20 tomato plants in containers on the deck. And I keep adding plants to the small patio on our back […]

News and stuff

Good news. Not the depressing stuff on TV. My Etsy and Ravelry shops will be open soon! Just wanted to let you know in case you noticed those little links on the Home page. I will be selling primarily patterns that you can crochet yourself. They will be digital downloads. It is the safest thing […]

Nice to meet you…

Hi! I’m Becca. I’m addicted to crafting, coffee and loud music. I’ve been crocheting for over 35 years. I decided it was time to inflict it… I mean share it with more than just my friends and family. I also make costumes, paint, container garden, and I’ve been known to pick up a power tool […]

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