Work, work, work

Feels like I worked as hard over the weekend as I did this past week. I thought you were supposed to rest on weekends? Oh wait, that’s right. I’m launching a business. And I have 20 tomato plants in containers on the deck. And I keep adding plants to the small patio on our back entryway. So yeah, no rest for me.

But I would not have it any other way right now. I actually got more done than expected even if it wasn’t as much as I wanted. Most of my to-do list was marked off. And I am further along than I could be considering my Chrome book decided it did not like something I was doing and tried to fight back.

But I am still crafting. I completed a revamp of a design of an adorable little owl. And I made a backdrop for finished pictures. I will be posting some of those very soon. So progress is being made. It’s taken me over 30 years to get this far. Another week or so shouldn’t kill me. Back to my hook for now…